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Why You Need Farrokh’s Xpressive English ?

Mr. Farrokh Karai, a Parsi Trainer With 30 years of experience in English Training provides coaching for Businessmen, Professionals ,Executives, NRI’S, Housewives & Students. His expertise in Corporate training & English level enhancement projects for schools, Easy individualistic & flexible teaching methods,Individual & Group Training, Focussing on confidence building while speaking english and also the opportunity to learn English in your own comfort zone is what which makes Expressive English stand out from the crowd.

To Scale Heights Of Success In Business.


To Prepare Yourself For A Corporate Imag
To Enjoy The Company Of Elite Circle In Society
To Communicate Effectively In Public Gatherings & Events
To Get Well-Paid Jobs
To Obtain Promotion In Your Current Job
To Develop Personality
To Transform Yourself In To A Perfect Business Person

Why different people learn English language?

Our experience indicates that teaching & learning English Language need to have PRACTICAL NEED BASED APPROCH. Needs of student opting for a fluent English Course are different from that of a middle-aged businessman. Again,the needs of an affluent socialite are different from that of a job seeker.

  • Small & Medium scale businessmen who have vernacular schooling background who find it difficult to create a suitable image while dealing with their corporate clients such as Limited Companies.
  • If you want to get a job in any sector whether it be Pharma, Hospitality, IT, or Aviation you must have a good fluency in English. Without it you will fail to create a good impression & score for yourself in an interview.
  • To climb up in career ladder you need fluent English. Many times, it may happen that despite being talented your promotion is held up.
  • If you are a housewife & your children are in a good English medium school, you get stuck up while communicating with their teachers in Open House or on other occasions.
  • Businessmen aspiring to develop export business sometimes feel handicapped because of lack of fluency in English.
  • Again, employees of Corporate Sector have different needs in Speaking English.

How do we offer you spoken english training?

We offer you this Coaching at your place in groups of three to five. You can arrange for your own groupsof three, four or five friends, neighbour or relatives (maximum) & you can learn in your ease & comfort at your home. It has following advantages:

  • You save the time, fuel & hassle of going to Classes.
  • Free yourself from the tension of reaching Classes at an appointed time.
  • In classes, you may be combined in a batch of 10 students with students of different age group & the coaching becomes effective.
  • You can learn at your own speed.
  • It is most suitable for busy businessmen & others.
  • If it is your own group, you have the chance of practising Spoken language practically every day with known people without hesitation.

Kindly note that this Home Coaching Facility is provided only in selected localities at our discreation. While You are undergoing training with us, we also send you online tips for Speaking English



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About Farrokh Karai

Coming from a middle class PARSI FAMILY he graduated in ARTS from K.C.Mumbai University & then pursued Law at K.C. Law College. Out of passion for English language training he left his career as a Banker to start Farrokh’s Institute (1987) specialized for English speaking. It is a pioneering institute for English Language training. He successfully conducted the Institute till 2005. His rich & varied experience of training hundreds of people of different age groups across cross-sections of society in English Speaking .Currently he is busy with his team as a Freelancer English Trainer for businessmen,

What Our Students Say About Us

Sir prepared me for the PM’s speech & I delivered it so effectively that not only I won the first prize, but even after leaving school my school colleagues remember for that speech. It was only then I realised that what role can effective communication skills can play in our lives. Thanks, Farrok sir


EX-STUDENT Learning Panorama International School, Borivali, Mumbai
I did FARROKH’S Spoken English training in 2007. Now when I go abroad for my business, I can speak English fluently. I thank Almighty that I got a trainer like Farrokh Karai for English Speaking.I would recommend farrokh’s to one & all


Food Processing Business, Mumbai
With Farrokh’s Practical Spoken English Training I Was Able to Communicate with Corporate Clients in Chennai Effectively & Was Able to Get Orders from Them. If I can benefit from his training why can’t you. Of course, you must put in sincere efforts